For a church kid, I am embarrassingly unfamiliar with many traditional church practices. This includes important seasons such as Advent. Each year, Advent would come and go and I would go about my life, not changing my rhythms or adapting any beneficial tools to help me develop specific aspects of my character. Year after year, I was the same person. I was never able to achieve the version of myself that I knew I had the ability to become. I am mature enough now to know that doing the same this over and over again, thinking you will achieve a different result gets you nowhere.

I’m ready to try something new. 

This year, I have decided to join the millions around the world celebrating the Advent season and would like to invite each of you (the readers) to come along with me. For the next four weeks, I will be releasing a blog entry with complimentary guided meditation for your personal use. I have chosen the guided meditation platform because this time of year can be quite busy. (That is part of the reason I have never participated in the church calendar. I worked in the retail industry for almost 15 years and Advent always landed in the busiest time of the year.) To help keep time out of the factors for not participating in an Advent ritual, I have kept the meditations short. This means you can do them multiple times a day if you find you have more time at your disposal than previously imagined.

“Silence is golden” – The Movie Theater

Guided meditation is a nice entry point in helping individuals develop their own meditation ritual. It is difficult to begin a practice of silence when you are unfamiliar with how or why you are silent. The guided meditation I have created will give you the space to be silent, and reflect, but also the instruction you need to feel free to let go and experience your time of reflection. If at any point you find yourself distracted, simply let your thoughts drift away and come back to the music playing. Remember this might take some getting used to so don’t give up, keep practicing as much as you can.

You got this. 

My hope is that you find these meditations are able to create more time in your life to bring your needs to God. Adding new rhythms and practices to your routine takes time. Advent is a good time to try and add this because you can take inventory of how you feel once the 4 weeks are over. If you get off track, don’t worry. January also has 4 weeks so you can pick these meditations back up and try again. Give yourself grace and learn how to forgive yourself when you “fail.” Try and think of this season of Advent like me, as a season of preparation. I wish you continued growth as you work your way through your own spiritual journey.*

*I will be taking a break from the “Now What?” platform that I usually end my entries with but hope to pick that back up again after this series of over.




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