“Giving the gift of honesty can be achieved in many ways, but a great place to start is with prayer. Presenting our honest needs before God, with other members of our community, helps to release us from feeling trapped by negative thoughts. Sharing the gift of honesty also helps to resolve any hurts that may have been left by holding back from others.”

A few months back I was asked to write for the community blog for Pacific Crossroads Church in Santa Monica, CA. I was inspired to write about a funny memory I had with my niece. I just returned home from Michigan for the holidays and I miss that little one so much! I thought I would share the piece I wrote that was inspired by her with you this week. You can read the full post by clicking here.

It is so special to spend time with little children. They are so honest and full of joy. While my nieces both have their momentary breakdowns, I can always see the truth that comes in its most raw and authentic form. Maybe I’ll feel different when they are my kids, but for now, I am so thankful for the gifts of honesty both of my nieces shared with me over the holiday season.

I hope to be back in the rhythm of weekly posts when I am back from holiday next week. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you a Happy New Year!


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