#TheMissionPodcast April Resource List; Part II


Bridge to Wonder: Art as a Gospel of Beauty; Link

Organic Community: Creating a Place Where People Naturally Connect; Link

Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God; Link

Why Care About Israel?: How the Jewish Nation Is Key to Unleashing God’s Blessing in the 21st Century; Link

Jews and Christians: People of God; Link


5 Way to Use Your Marriage to make The World a Better Place; Link

#MeToo: Life After Abuse; Link

Why Mayors Have More Chance of Saving the World than Global Leaders Do; Link

6 Studies on How Month Affects the Mind; Link

Leadership and Community; Continuing to be Teachable; Link

Short Clips:

How to Fix a Broken School; Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard; Link

Don’t Misrepresent Africa; Link

An Escape from Poverty; Link

What Makes America Great? Link

The Emergent Patterns of Climate Change; Link


Get Me Roger Stone


Food, Inc.

Chasing Coral/Chasing Ice

The Regan Show


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